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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Winter Birch Tree Paintings

Here's a more basic version of one of my most pinned art lessons "Birch Trees in Watercolours". 
I adjusted the steps to make it a bit easier for my Grade 5 students.

They used masking tape (covered in lint) to tape down a row of trees. They ripped small pieces of tape to add small branches. Then they painted over the entire thing using tempera pucks (you could also use watercolours).

The next day they peeled the tape off.

They added a grey shadow on one side of the tree trunks.

Some added snow with liquid tempera paint.

Grade 5 results:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bunnies in the Grass Drawings

I've been getting ready this week to attend the 2018 NAEA National Convention for the first time in my career! I'll be flying in from Canada, so pretty excited, plus I love Seattle. If any Art teachers out there have any advice/tips for a first time attendee, please leave them in the comments below :)
It's exhausting making sub plans for three days!!

So this is a cute Spring project my Grade 2's made last year. 
I found the lesson on HERE on the blog "The Art Teacher's Closest". 

I demonstrated the drawing steps on the whiteboard, then passed out construction paper.

Students drew their design first in pencil.

Then they outlined everything using a black wax crayon.

I gave them the option of either colouring their bunny with construction paper crayons, 
or using white tempera. 

I think they turned out pretty cute: )


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kaleidoscope Abstract Art Watercolour Painting

This is a project my Grade 1's completed a couple of years ago. They had SO much fun mixing the colours. We do a unit on abstract art and this was a perfect lesson to really reinforce the concept. I found the idea HERE as well as HERE.

If I have time before a class (sometimes happens but not usually), I like to lay out supplies ahead of time. So I laid out my paper placemats (large construction paper), 9 x 12" heavy white paper and styrofoam cups. Then I squeezed out black acrylic paint onto large plastic lids. Students dipped their cup into the paint and made overlapping circle prints.

They look pretty cool on their own!

The next class, students used watercolours to paint inside of the circles. Little kids LOVE mixing colours - they tend to go ham with this and mix all the colours together, hence the large amount of 'muddy' colours you'll see! haha! You can restrict the colours if you want, or tell them to choose warm or cool, etc. I just let them go wild with this project. 
Painting these took 2- 40 minute lessons to complete.

Some Grade 1 results:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weaving: Ojo de Dios or God's Eye Craft

According to Wikipedia, Ojo de Dios or God’s Eye is:

“a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used. They are commonly found in Mexican and Mexican American communities, among both Indigenous and Catholic peoples.”

The symbol means the power to see and understand things. I used to make these as a kid and, like many crafts, they have come back into fashion! There are tons of talented Etsy artists making very complex and large Ojo de Dios's online. 

I showed my Grade 4 - 6 students various Ojo de Dios tutorials on Youtube- this was the most efficient way to show them a few different weaving techniques they could use. We used thin wooden dowels I bought at the Dollar store. Students also embellished the ends with pony beads and/or tassels. The kids enjoyed making this- more advanced students were able to watch more tutorials and challenge themselves with more complex designs which was great. A really adaptable lesson where all kids find success :)

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